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banner led introduction

banner ledThe description of LED Banner AppLED Banner Pro is the perfect messenger for your Android smartphone. Use it to communicate with others when you don't want to attract attention to yourself, when speech doesn't work or when it is too loud.

The communication possibilities with this LED signboard are limitless:

- At school in the classroom or during a break
- Flirting (disco, cinema, beach or car)
- When ordering at the bar
- In meetings

Communication per LED scrolling display has never been easier!

Simply enter your message and click "PLAY". The message will be shown as a huge banner on the display so anyone can easily read it, even at a distance.

LED Banner Pro is the only banner app that can e-mail and save created LED banner animations as MP4s or animated GIFs.

You can also choose to be notified after successful playback with vibration, sound or a short flash. And, of course, without notification when it needs to be quiet and secret.

There is an integrated flashing effect for attracting more attention.

LED Banner Pro features:

✓ Any languages
✓ Emoji support
✓ Different text styles
✓ Customizable text colors
✓ Customizable background colors
✓ Send as MP4 and GIF
✓ Save as MP4 and GIF
✓ Different LED forms
✓ HD mode
✓ Adjustable playback speed
✓ Adjustable flashing effect
✓ Display can be mirrored
✓ Adjustable reading direction
✓ Facebook, Twitter sharing
✓ WhatsApp sharing (video)
✓ WeChat sharing
✓ Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo sharing
✓ Saving and loading templates

Try it today! No other LED scroller offers you these features!

banner led Description

LED Banner 2.0.1 APK download for Android. LED Banner Pro - LED Scroller with GIF and MP4 export

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